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Quotes PTC Pet Services is the best pet sitting service I have ever used! They are true animal lovers and are committed to making sure your family pets are happy and healthy. Their online diary is so cool! They post pictures and give you a summary of each visit. Very reassuring! Quotes
Emily R.

Quotes Tanya and her family are wonderful, caring people that truely care about your pets. Tanya and her husband were our Christmas blessing when Mike saw our 1 yr old puppy, Starburst, running the streets and pulled over to catch him. Because my family was on vacation in Philadelphia Tanya accepted our little guy into her home as if he was one of her own. We can not thank the Fairbanks family enough for caring for our little guy and keeping him safe and warm until we got home. Starburst was excitied to see us when we got there to pick him up but sad to leave his new best friends (Tanya's 4 dogs) and the family. Thank you 10x over for taking such good care of Starburst and giving him the extra TLC he needed after his adventure on the streets for 2 days :-) Quotes
Jennifer Henry
Life Savers

Quotes Tanya loves animals and it shows how she speaks about them and how she loves on them. We were away from home for two weeks and Tanya took such good care of ALL of our animals. Tanya was given the task of taking care of everything from our sweet cat to fish, turtles, frogs, salamanders, and a bearded dragon and she was willing and did a fabulous job. We will use her service again and will recommend her services! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes We recently moved to PTC from Florida and desperately needed a pet sitter for upcoming trips. My neighbor suggested Tanya . I feel very fortunate to have found Tanya ! Tanya is a blessing and I know my boys, KC & Max are in loving care when I am gone... Mary Ann, Gary, KC & Max Quotes
Mary Ann

Quotes A huge relief to find such a caring & loving pet sitter for our older dog. Tanya took excellent care of Annie with her recent "issues" and we enjoyed the nice letter she left detailing her visits. I would highly recommend her to all my friends. Quotes
Melissa & Annie

Quotes Love, dedication, knowledge and experience come with each of Tanya's encounters. She is a wonder with her own dogs and great with others'. Bally loves to see her coming!! I highly reccommend PTC Pet Services. Quotes
Liz and Bally

Quotes We recently moved to PTC from Atlanta, leaving our pet sitter of 18 years. Our family feels very fortunate to have found someone in our new community that loves pets and is so knowledgeable about their care! Our dog, Belle, is a very important part of our lives and Tanya is someone that recognizes a pet's place in a family. She will be our pet sitter for the next 18 years! Quotes
Jeanna & Jeff

Quotes Tanya is the most pet loving person I know. She is experienced with many different breeds and very knowledgeable about pet needs and behavior. She also understands that pets are part of your family and sometimes require a little extra TLC. It's nice to know that my pets are being responsibly and lovingly cared for when I am away. Quotes

Quotes Tanya has taken care of our pets for years. She is courteous and punctual, but most importantly she loves our dogs! She takes care of our dogs as if they were her own. My dogs adore Tanya. Quotes
Jack & Linda