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Started in 2009, PTC Pets is the highest quality pet sitting company in the area. We’ve grown our business slowly so that we could develop a deep and personal relationship with all of the fur babies for which we care. And business has grown! In 2016, PTC Pets became the only pet sitting and dog walking company in Peachtree City hiring employees (versus contractors) for sitters. Not only is our staff insured, bonded, and background checked, they are also fully trained and supervised by PTC Pets management.  

Why Choose PTC Pets?

  • Availability: PTC Pets uses employees and therefore we have considerably more availability and can accommodate your preferred schedule.

  • Back-Up: Our employees provide back up sitting in an emergency. If a personal emergency arises for one of our employees, another staff member or the business owner is able to fill in. Your pets always receive the expert care they deserve.
  • Workers Compensation: Our employees are covered by workers compensation insurance. This also protects our clients if a pet sitter is hurt on your property.
  • Experience: Each pet sitter brings a different set of experience & credentials; they can contact each other as well as management if they have a problem or question.
  • Personalized Care: We introduce new employees to you and send a schedule so you know who will visit your pets. This maintains the personal feel plus the added advantages of hiring a business with employees.
  • Management: We have more time to communicate with you, the pet parents. We are more available to answer questions, process requests, provide last minute services, and be on standby for assisting or backing up any of our sitters.
  • Educated Sitters: We offer our sitters continuing education workshops, such as Pet CPR, Home Emergency Protocols, and Basic Dog Training.
  • Peace of Mind: You have the peace of mind to enjoy your vacation or focus on your workday knowing that ALL bases are covered.
  • Increased Professional Service: Each of our sitters work exclusively for PTC Pets for pet sitting and dog walking. PTC Pets does not share independent contractors with other businesses.

Our company was built on honesty, integrity, and compassion – and an unceasing desire to meet your pets' every need and surpass your expectations. While we have fun doing what we do, we also take our responsibilities very seriously. We treat your fur kids as our own because they really do become a part of our family.

With our top-notch team of knowledgeable, professional, compassionate care takers, PTC Pets provides the best to our clients every single day.

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